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"The Anti-Extradition Bill – People’s Public Sentiment Report" Press Conference

Statement by Mrs Anson Chan, Direct of Project Citizens Foundation, at the Press Conference on Friday, 13th December, 2019 to announce The Anti-Extradition Bill – People's Public Sentiment Report


“Public Perception Survey on Hong Kong’s Characteristics” Press Conference

The results of this survey show that the “history and culture” of our city was chosen by the respondents as the most valuable characteristics of Hong Kong. At the same time, “judicial independence”, “international financial centre”, “social justice” and “a government with public support” are also mentioned as features of high importance. In-depth analyses show that young people are less satisfied about the current condition of “fairness”, “equality”, “the rule of law” and “corruption-free practices” in Hong Kong.

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HongKong 2020 and Project Citizens Foundation "Public Forum: Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?"

The recent ICAC shake-up has raised serious public concerns. In view of this, HongKong2020 and Project Citizens Foundation are jointly organizing a public forum - ‘Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?’ with the aim to share with the public on what has gone wrong in the system and what are the threats to Hong Kong.

Today, we are pleased to invite the former Commissioner of the ICAC, Mr. Bertrand de Speville, former Chief Secretary of the HKSAR Government, Mrs. Anson Chan, former Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr. Joseph Wong, and former Legislative Councilor and Member of the ICAC Operations Review Committee, Ms. Margaret Ng, to share with us their views. 


Over 300 financial leaders and executives joined the Project Citizens Forum to discuss the importance of upholding Hong Kong’s core values in maintaining its role as an International Financial Centre

(Press Release, 15 April 2016) Over 300 people today attended a public forum titled “What Makes Hong Kong An International Financial Centre?” which was held by the Project Citizens Foundation. The speakers of the forum, who are leaders from the financial industry, affirmed the importance for Hong Kong to uphold its long-standing core values and the “One Country Two Systems” in order to safeguard its role as an international financial centre.

The forum took place at the Asia Society today, with distinguished speakers to discuss the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s business environment and the challenges faced by the city from various aspects, namely the financial investment and banking industry, the stock exchange regulations, insurance and fund management.

Speaking at the opening of the forum, T. L. Tsim, Chairman of the Project Citizens Foundation, remarked that Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre depends very much on several institutional advantages. He named four of these: (1) the free flow of money, information and people; (2) the rule of law and an independent judiciary; (3) the use of English in government, in the law courts and the capital market; and, (4) until now, political stability. The Foundation calls on Hong Kong’s financial practitioners and all concerned to cherish and maintain these core values which, together, constitute the four cornerstones of an international financial centre.” Tsim also pointed out that the recent moves of several rating institutions to downgrade Hong Kong’s credit outlook and its ranking of international financial centre are an alarm that Hong Kong’s edge is being undermined.


A Life Worth Living: Help Shape Hong Kong's Future Project Citizens Foundation Launching Press Conference & Project Citizens Forum

Project Citizens Foundation (“the Foundation”), a civil society organisation devoted to promoting active citizenship and public participation especially among young people, launched its first event today. More than 300 people attended the launch event - Project Citizens Forum in which nine veteran journalists shared their views on civic participation and freedom of the press.

At today’s press conference on the launch, Mr. T L Tsim, Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong, Vice-Chairman, and five other founding directors, Mrs. Anson Chan, Dr. Edmund Woo, Mrs.Pauline Cheung Cheng, Ms. Carol Chen and Mr. Tony Tsoi introduced the aims, visions, and future plans of the Foundation.

The press conference was followed by the first forum which took place at the Moot Court of The University of Hong Kong. Nine veteran journalists, guest speakers discussed the topic of "Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies" from different perspectives, analysed the challenges and crises confronting the media industry, and how the journalists can maintain their role and integrity. The forum was attended by more than 300 people.

Among the speakers were Ms. Sham Yee Lan, Chairperson of Hong Kong Journalists Association; Ms. Choy Yuk Ling, Chairperson of RTHK Programme Staff Union; Ms. Chan Sik Chee Eva, Senior Lecturer of the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. Chan King Cheung, a veteran journalist and former Deputy Publisher and President of Digital Media of The Hong Kong Economic Journal; Mr. Loh Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong News Executives' Association and CEO of DBC; Mr. Tony Tsoi, founder of The House News & The Stand News; Mr. Yau Ching Yuen, founder and Chief Editor of Post 852;. Mr. Kevin Lau, Chief Operating Officer of Medianet Resources and Mr. Neil Western, President of the Foreign Correspondents' Club.