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Statement regarding Mrs. Anson Chan’s Resignation as Director

The Honourable Mrs. Anson Chan GBM GCMG CBE JP has resigned from our Board effective from today.


《Anti-Extradition Bill Movement — Public Sentiment Report》(Revised Version) Full Report

《Anti-Extradition Bill Movement — Public Sentiment Report》and a Background to the Report now available.


Anti-Extradition Bill Movement - People’s Public Sentiment Report

To thoroughly understand the controversy surrounding the introduction of the Extradition Bill, its subsequent events, and changes in the public sentiment, Project Citizens Foundation took the initiative to produce an objective, comprehensive and Hong Kong-based public sentiment report of the movement, jointly with Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute since July 2019. The first stage and second stage reports were released on 10th July and 2nd August, 2019 respectively.  The final report was released on 13th December 2019, which ran into 66 pages with a concluding chapter and a post‑script covering events after the original cut-off date of late October, including the District Council Elections on 24th November. 


Anti-Extradition Bill Opinion Survey Results

Project Citizens Foundation (PCF) announced earlier that it would commission the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) and Dr Robert Chung Ting-yiu to compile a People’s Public Sentiment Report and raise HKD1 million through crowdfunding platform, Collaction, for the project, with the aim to document the chronology of events and controversies related to the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill, commonly known as “the extradition bill”, and to gauge the public’s views on these issues.  The crowdfunding has reached its target amount in 30 hours.


"Absent full democracy, can the Rule of Law prevail?" by The Honourable Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary, GBM, JP

Project Citizens Forum: The Rule of Law and Its Importance to Hong Kong

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"The Rule of Law" by The Right Honourable the Lord Mance

Aristotle said: “It is better for the law to rule than one of its citizens, so even the guardians of the laws are obeying the laws”. Dr Thomas Fuller put this still more pithily in 1733: “Be you never so high, the Law is above you - a favourite quotation of Lord Denning’s.


"Absent full democracy, can the Rule of Law prevail?" by The Honourable Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary, GBM, JP

I raised for the first time the question: absent full democracy, can the rule of law prevail ? I answered then as I answer now: yes, on four conditions: ......


"The nuts and bolts of the Rule of Law" by Ms Gladys Li, SC, JP

Under "One country, Two systems", what we get is the emphasis of "One country". Are we allowed even to discuss or to campaign for the maintenance of our system or is that prophylactically dangerous for national security? Who knows? This is the reality of the power of interpretation. This is what we, as a community, and we, as lawyers, face, and this is the greatest danger, as I see it, to the Rule of Law in Hong Kong.


"The Rule of Law and Its Importance to Hong Kong" - Welcoming Speech by Mr. T L Tsim

What’s going to happen after 2047 when the fifty year period covered by the Sino-British Joint Declaration expires? Will our lawyers and judges have to unlearn everything and embrace instead a different system of laws and practices all over again? What kind of brave new world awaits Hong Kong? We need to think about these things and try to find workable solutions. Above all, we need to keep the rule of law.


“Public Perception Survey on Hong Kong’s Characteristics” Press Conference

The results of this survey show that the “history and culture” of our city was chosen by the respondents as the most valuable characteristics of Hong Kong. At the same time, “judicial independence”, “international financial centre”, “social justice” and “a government with public support” are also mentioned as features of high importance. In-depth analyses show that young people are less satisfied about the current condition of “fairness”, “equality”, “the rule of law” and “corruption-free practices” in Hong Kong.

Full Report Download: https://goo.gl/8yTLgu