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Speech by Mrs Anson Chan at the O’Connor Justice Prize Dinner

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I am deeply honoured to be awarded the 2018 O’Connor Justice Prize and to join the company of three most distinguished predecessors.  The values embodied within the spirit of the Prize, namely advancement of the rule of law, justice and human rights...


Enact security laws step by step

South China Morning Post | EDT4 | EDT | politics 

Former Legislative Council president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing agreed that enacting Article 23 legislation was one of three key problems that had to be solved before the city could achieve a successful "one country, two systems" model.


Patten to students: this is no nation state

SCMP  CITY1  |   CITY  |   By Ng Kang-chung 

In a surprising move, former governor Chris Patten has waded into the debate about what qualities a "good chief executive" should possess, while also pulling no punches in rebuking students who aspire for independence.


Ex-Legco chief drops forum with Patten

SCMP | CITY4 | CITY | Politics | By Raymond Cheng

Former Legislative Council president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing has reneged on a promise to appear at a forum set to feature Hong Kong's last governor Chris Patten, to stave off complaints to Beijing.


Chief executive of Hong Kong should not be ICAC boss, former head graft-buster says

SCMP | EDT3 | EDT | Politics | By Joyce Ng

Former chief graft-buster Bertrand de Speville yesterday called on Hong Kong to scrap the law that makes the ICAC answerable only to the city's leader, dismissing it as a "colonial relic".


Former ICAC commissioner to join forum discussion on Hong Kong graftbuster's recent staff crisis

SCMP | News | Hong Kong |  Politics

Former Hong Kong graftbuster chief Bertrand de Speville who oversaw the sacking of a former deputy director two decades ago will fly in from Britain to share his views over the agency's latest reshuffle controversy this Saturday.


John Tsang sees China opportunity, not China risk

The Standard  | Hong Kong

The Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah today rejected the notion that Hong Kong will suffer the consequences of China’s economic slowdown as a result of its linkages with the mainland. 


Hong Kong risks losing status as international financial centre if Beijing fails to protect city's core values, says foundation head

SCMP | News | Hong Kong |  Politics

Beijing must help preserve Hong Kong’s core values such as the rule of law and press freedom or the city will cease to be an important international financial centre, the head of a group set up by former officials and professionals warned.