Why the Foundation

It has been twenty years since Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty. During this time, the over-arching guiding principles of "One Country, Two Systems", "a high degree of autonomy" and "a Hong Kong governed by Hong Kong people" that had been guaranteed by the Central Government and which our city holds dear have been re-interpreted umpteenth times by the PRC officials responsible for Hong Kong's affairs.

The people of Hong Kong have braved many storms on the road to democracy and, through it all, our civil society has grown ever stronger as public awareness of the citizens' rights increases. It has been amply demonstrated time and again that the people of Hong Kong will take a principled stand on issues that matter to them and to Hong Kong's well-being. The fact that our young people have the courage to stand up and be counted, to set up or sign up for various civil organizations is to be commended because this helps two way communication and better understanding between the government and the governed.

We believe this process should be encouraged and made more productive. In the light of this, we are pooling our resources and networks to build this interactive platform of Project Citizens Foundation, for the purpose of widening and deepening public understanding of current affairs and political issues, shedding light on the philosophical foundation of policy stands, encouraging more civic participation, and fostering informed policy advocacy and debates. We also hope to provide more opportunities for young people to listen to, think through and express different views, and to nurture logical and evidence-based thinking. It is our hope that all these will work towards strengthening the development of a strong civil society which will be good for Hong Kong.

As a group, we believe that active citizenship and public participation is the means to uphold the core values that underpin the success of Hong Kong, a city that has embraced democracy, freedom, equality, and justice for all, values that have nourished sustainable development.