The Founders

Directors of Project Citizens Foundation

From Left: Dr. Allan Au Ka Lung ; Ms. Audrey Eu, SC, JP (Chairperson) ; Dr. Edmund Woo Kin Wai; Mrs. Anson Chan ;

From Right:  Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong ; Ms. Carol Chen (Vice-Chairperson) ; Ms. Senia Ng; Mr. Tsim Tak Lung ; 

Ms. Audrey Eu, SC, JP (Chairperson)

Ms. Audrey Eu, Senior Counsel and Non-official Justice of the Peace. She was the Chairman of Hong Kong Bar Association. She was a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from 2000 to 2012.

Ms. Carol Chen (Vice-Chairperson)

Ms. Chen had practised as a solicitor for more than 10 years. She then became the first Director of Continuing Legal Education of the Hong Kong Bar Association in 1998. She had acted as Campaign Manager and Election Agent for various candidates in Legislative Council and Election Committee elections, and was a Director of the Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation Limited from 2009 to 2015.

Mr. Tsim Tak Lung

Mr. Tsim is a writer and public intellectual who has worked in print journalism, radio and television in both English and Chinese media. He is the author of six books on culture and civilisation and enjoys giving seminars on language, culture and politics.

Dr. Edmund Woo Kin Wai

Dr. Woo is a medical practitioner in practice for more than 30 years. He is dedicated to community service and is the Vice Chairman of Hong Kong PHAB Association and a Director of Enlighten Action for Epilepsy.

Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong

Mr. Cheung was a partner of an international law firm until recently. He has served as a board or panel member of various government and voluntary bodies on legal and social matters.

Mr. Tony Tsoi

Mr. Tsoi is the founder of The House News and The Stand News. He had worked in investment bank, and also in the media and industrial sectors.

Ms. Senia Ng

Ms. Senia Ng is a practising barrister and teaches at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. 

Dr. Allan Au Ka Lun

Dr. Au, a media veteran and Knight Fellow in Stanford University, was a news documentary producer. He is currently a host in an RTHK phone-in programme and a professional consultant of the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.