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Project Citizens Forum Hong Kong 2047 - Quo Vadis? Introductory Remarks by Mrs. Anson Chan

Carrie Lam and the incoming Administration cannot afford simply to put re-opening of the issue of constitutional reform on the back burner.  The nettle must be grasped, or the current downward spiral in our system of governance will continue. Mrs Lam is well qualified to lead this task and, if she chooses to move forward, she can count on the whole-hearted support of those of us in the pro-democracy camp who have devoted so much time and effort over the past years to find the right path to universal suffrage and ensure that our CE and all members of the Legislative Council enjoy a genuine mandate to govern.

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Our notion of civic participation is to involve young people in public affairs and to expose them to diverse rational viewpoints from multiple perspectives as befit a modern, cosmopolitan city.