Speakers Series

The Project Citizens Foundation is launching a Speakers Series. It will run from 2018-2019.

The Project Citizens Foundation is a non-government organization and is a registered charity. It was established three years ago to promote active citizenship and public participation. As a foundation, we are dedicated to upholding the core values which underpin Hong Kong’s success over the years and our ultimate goal is to build a society that embraces democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law. We wish to provide a platform for the people of Hong Kong to exchange views, broaden each other’s horizon, nurture critical thinking and pursue what we believe to be good for the future of our city.

After hosting a number of highly successful public forums around town, Project Citizens Foundation is starting a new Speakers Series specifically meant for Hong Kong’s secondary schools. This consists of providing informed and interesting speakers to schools from our own Board of Directors and their friends.

If you are interested in what we are offering, you can email us at projectcitizenshk@gmail.com or contact us at 2520 2599 to arrange a date and time for the talk to take place.